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16 - 23

Vues d'en face - 2002    
Grenoble international gay and lesbian film festival    

    Les Films Sélectionnés



  1. Hush !
  2. Gelée précoce
  3. Cercle intime
  4. Raison de vivre
  5. Ami/amant
  6. Hey, Happy !
  7. La rage au coeur
  8. Que faisaient les femmes...
  9. Eban and Charley
  10. Etre et se vivre homo
  11. Venus boyz
  12. Lan Yu
  13. Histoire de courts...
  14. Better than chocolate
  15. Ce vieux rève qui bouge
  16. Tarik el Hob
  17. Memento mori
  18. Trembling before G-d
  19. Lola et Bilidikid
  20. Uttara

Eban and Charley

U.S.A., 2000, VO French subtitles, 86'

Unpublished in France



Eban, 29 and an ex-soccer coach, has returned to his hometown to live with his parents. There he befriends Charley, a sweet-faced boy of 15 who has recently lost his mother.

The two gradually become intimately involved and their affair is threatened when the boy's father learns of the relationship. Ultimately Eban, who has lost his job in a similar scandal, must decide whether he's willing to risk the possibility of arrest and prison to be with Charley.

Produced loosely adhering to the Dogma 95 manifesto, this demonically pensive, unsettling film raises difficult questions about society's right to decide when a youth can choose whom he loves. However, Eban & Charley is too too sensitively directed to provide easy answers.

Writer(s) :
Director(s) : James Bolton
With : Giovanni Andrade, Brent Fellows

Distribution : Pictures This

(c) Festival International du Film Gay et Lesbien de Grenoble - 2002